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Oceanco Yachts ontwerpt en bouwt custom-made superjachten en staat wereldwijd bekend als een van de grootste leveranciers van deze luxe superjachten. Werknemers van Oceanco hielden tot voor kort hun uren bij via een tijdrovend en foutengevoelig systeem op papier.

Om dit proces efficiënter te laten verlopen ontwierpen we een mobiele app waarin medewerkers van Oceanco hun uren registreren. De managers beschikken vanaf nu over een dashboard waarop zij de uren eenvoudig kunnen inzien en beoordelen. 


The hour registration has been simplified and as from today is done quickly and simply via a mobile app. This app now enables employees to register their hours in an easy way. The app loads data from other systems which assists the employee in choosing the correct projects, codes and tasks when registering the hours.

For the department managers we designed a dashboard on which they have an overview of the registered hours belonging to their department. At a single glance it becomes clear who has entered his hours and the department manager can also assess the registered hours.

All this functionality is also accessible on the desktop. The app also offers room for continuous optimization of the process, e.g. by adding new functionalities that will improve the use and user experience (UX) for the employee.


The user friendliness was priority one of the design: the registration of hours had to be quick and simple and it should no longer be experienced as boring or time consuming.

For this we adapted the ‘one screen one task’-principle. This simplifies working with a small screen and the employee is guided smoothly through the registration process. Errors during the registration of hours is now restricted to a bare minimum. As the app bundles data from different systems, the employee now no longer needs to know codes or projects by heart: he only needs to select the correct code or the correct project.

The design is clean and stylish and matches the appearance of the customer. However, we did add a striking, explicit colour to the palette for those situations in which special attention was required for important actions or information.


Thanks to this app unnecessary paperwork at Oceanco now really belongs to the past. The entire process of hour registration has been digitized and unnecessary steps that used to be made now belong to the past.

Thus the registration of working hours has become easily accessible and employees have become more motivated to register their hours properly. Via the dashboard the department managers now have a quicker and better insight in the hours and can also assess them quicker and better.

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