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Peoplesoft Expertise Center (BLIS PSE)

The PeopleSoft Expertise Centre (BLIS PSE) is a part of BLIS Data-management. BLIS PSE offers a full-service range of products and services designed to have your PeopleSoft installation run optimally during its operational phase.

Lifecycle management

BLIS-PSE is Oracle Gold Partner and assumes responsibility for the complete lifecycle of your Peoplesoft software. During the implementation phase, during the operational phase as well as during the migration/phasing-out, BLIS-PSE is your partner that supports, or in its role as project leader, adds value to your organization.

With the following result:

  • Maximum benefit from PeopleSoft software
  • Care-free and continuity guaranteed
  • Efficiency-improvement and quality optimization

BLIS PSE Services

BLIS PSE offers a full-service range of services to have your PeopleSoft installation run optimally during its operational phase:

  • 2nd- and 3rd-line technical support Technical application management
  • Release management and upgrade-strategy
  • Security & advice
  • Application monitoring
  • Software- and third-party integrations
  • Custom-made projects and software development
  • Performance optimization
  • Data migration
  • Data-optimization
  • Testing

BLIS PSE Products

BLIS PSE has developed several products that are being used for data management within the PeopleSoft environments:

  • Scrambling & data-masking
  • End-of-life data browser
  • Data-encryption

Data consultancy

With our team of business consultants, data-analysts and proactive/creative talents we help organizations to develop software- and data-driven service provision.

We visualize the value of data within organizations, what could and could not be done with it, and how this data could be used to enrich existing products and services or to develop new products and services.

BLIS Datamanagement works for:

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