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Digital media platform for Hitkrant, Girlz, Cosmogirl, Meiden and Stoer Magazine

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In partnership with Zpress BLIS developed the digital channels for the magazines Hitkrant, Girlz, Cosmogirl, Meiden, and Stoer Magazine.

This allows Zpress to work more data-driven and to acquire insight in which content is favoured by its readers. In this way Zpress can now anticipate the interests of its readers even better.

Website development

BLIS developed the website for all brands of Zpress: Hitkrant, Girlz, Cosmogirl, Meiden and Stoer Magazine. Using a multi-site content management system the editorial staff now works via one platform at the reach, engagement, conversion and dialogue with the different target groups.

BLIS also took care of an extensive cross-channel customer journey creating both an offline- and an online reader involvement with the different Zpress formulas.

App development

The strategy, concept development, release-management and performance-optimization for several Zpress apps are focussed on different target groups. The apps are part of an omnichannel-strategy.

We have developed apps for: 

  • Hitkrant
  • Girlz
  • Cosmogirl

Data analytics

In order to facilitate a full data-driven operation with the Zpress Young editorial staff and to continuously optimize the digital channels, the use of the websites, apps and campaigns are being analysed extensively.

  • Google DataStudio
  • Dashboard displays

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