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The Tuuring Performance Insights platform provides large organizations with an insight into the IT performance of complete application chains, from IT infrastructure and cloud infrastructure to software applications and workspaces.

IT performance data is collected by means of data connectors. Using smart algorithms and AI, the retrieved data is used to produce all relevant insights. This in turn enables IT managers to make correct investement decisions, to save on IT service costs and to work on the optimal availability and performance of IT landscapes.

As a startup, Tuuring began life within BLIS Enterprise IT, who already had a long history of providing large organizations with IT performance consultancy expertise. Over the course of this consultancy, we have encountered increasingly complex IT landscapes and the resulting increasingly large challenges for IT managers to control. 

Cost control, the right investments, continuity assurance, impact of cloud migrations and digital business transformations are all challenges for which the Tuuring platform provides a solution.

Tuuring has since become an independent company and offers the Tuuring Performance Insights platform to large organizations as an autonomous organization. We work in collaboration with a network of specialized partners, BLIS Enterprise IT being the first fully certified managed service provider for Tuuring Performance Insights.

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