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SRK is one of the largest legal expenses insurance companies in the Netherlands. SRK noticed that still many incidents were reported to intermediaries, whereas incident reports should only be submitted to SRK directly. As customers buy the SRK services from intermediaries, the SRK visibility was low.

Also the website was not adapted for mobile devices, something which nowadays can be a serious contact barrier. Therefore the new website should radiate confidence and provide clarity regarding SRK and its service provision, and simultaneously be as accessible as possible for all sorts of users.

From creative session to design

We started with a core page session, in which we collected and invented the main pages and content.

Each created page is fully dedicated to the previously defined Business Goals and User Goals, in this way no superfluous information or pages are placed. Convenient!

New website, new message

The new website is divided into three target groups: private individuals, entrepreneurs and intermediaries. For each segment the relevant topics have been lined up, enabling everyone to get the right information and to let the contact run efficiently.

Reporting an incidence or asking a legal question have now become much simpler for everyone.

Optimization together with the user

A year after the go-live, a usability test has been organized for the largest and most important user group of SRK: the private individuals. The use of online analytics and tracking tools already lets you gather a large amount of quantitative information on how the website is being used. However, a usability test allows you to test assumptions with the target group and to go more deeply into needs, motivations and emotions they might have regarding the legal assistance topic.

At SRK we interviewed 8 people who all had past experience with legal assistance. The group consisted of both young and somewhat older people who all had their personal challenges and stories. Via an in-depth interview and test-assignments we investigated the type of relationship these people had with the legal assistance topic, their relationship with SRK and how they executed the tasks (assignments) on the website.

Next to insights for improving the user friendliness and new ideas to provide the target group with an even better web-experience, our study also brought us an enhanced understanding of and empathy for the target group itself.

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