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During the last few decades Spido has developed into one of the figureheads of the city of Rotterdam and yearly it attracts numerous domestic and foreign tourists and business people. Spido is not only a tourist attraction but also the company that is frequently used for (nautical) events for the business community.

The Spido brand needed a modernization ranging from its house style, the e-tickets up to and including its online marketing. The online visibility and findability had to be increased and now people are also offered the opportunity to buy their tickets online. We set to work, and we thought along from concept to realization. With a result that we are proud of!

Preliminary study & strategy

During our preliminary study we mapped out the performance of the old website and how it was found by visitors. During the subsequent core page sessions we analysed what the most important pages and parts were within the website.

Together with Spido we looked at how they wanted to market themselves, and which elements the new website should have. The input of this session became the basis for the concept realization of the new website.


We designed the concept of the new website as clickable wireframes. The user flow and layouts of the pages were defined and we created a layout for the mobile-, tablet- and desktop version.

Spido wanted a website with a CMS in which new content could be placed and adapted easily. In order to realize this the new website was built in Craft CMS. This is a user friendly responsive CMS and extremely flexible to use.

For the design BLIS and the creative experts of the Rotterdam communication agency Boerenjongens joined forces. BLIS provided the interaction design and the prototype and Boerenjongens styled the design of the site.


Our developers have incorporated all functional demands and requests and made the system ready to use. Subsequently the e-ticket system could be linked to the website. In order to make sure that the content on the website is easily findable via search engines, we provided an on-site SEO-training.

Thus Spido can now easily write its own content with the primary objective: making sure that the Spido website can be found easily, and that subsequently people can also easily and quickly find the  information they are looking for.

We are proud of the result and we are happy that with this new website Spido has succeeded in putting itself back on the map again.

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