Recht uit Rotterdam

Media platform for new Rotterdam broadcasting station

  • Sitecore
  • Design
  • Development
  • iOS
  • Android

‘Recht uit Rotterdam’ (Straight from Rotterdam) is the online broadcasting station for all citizens of Rotterdam and for anyone who feels like one. RUR offers a theme- and program-based content which is often being developed together with partners.

BLIS is the operational partner for all digital media and marketing activities; from strategy to realization and from the development of digital channels to setting up a commercial strategy and revenue model.

Implementation of the Sitecore User Experience platform

RUR wants to get a good digital grip of its users, followers and listeners in order to create valuable digital relations and to create specific and relevant content.

Primarily for this purpose BLIS, as Sitecore-partner, has implemented the Sitecore User Experience platform. BLIS took care of the set-up, built the engagement plan and structured it. Subsequently the website, emailing, social channels and the app were linked to it.

Website development

As RUR has been developed on the Sitecore platform visitors receive specific and relevant content. This allows RUR an easy segmentation by target group, and based on click-behaviour of the visitors, an easy analysis of the interests of those visitors.

  • Integration with Sitecore User Experience platform
  • Content segmentation and –personalisation
  • Content A/B-testing and multivariate testing
  • Live stream integration
  • Content strategy, focussed on relevance

App development

Also the app runs on Sitecore and strives for an optimal match with the experience of the user. And because of the fact that you have your phone with you all day, you receive continuous updates for all relevant content. Simply adjust the app to your personal preferences by switching push messages on or off.

  • Integration with Sitecore User Experience platform
  • Content segmentation and -personalization
  • Live stream integration
  • Content A/B-testing
  • Content strategy, focussed on relevance
  • User generated content
  • Setting up push messages

Commercial strategy

As a digital partner BLIS is involved in all campaigns that RUR offers its customers and partners.

  • Business model design
  • Campaign design
  • Campaign management
  • Sales- & Media kit design

Data analytics

In order to work fully ‘data-driven’ with the RUR editorial staff and to continuously optimize the digital channels, the use of the websites, apps and campaigns is being analysed extensively.

  • Google DataStudio
  • Sitecore Web analytics
  • Sitecore User insights

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