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Nuon is a utility company that provides approximately 2 million consumers, organizations and companies in the Netherlands with electricity, heat, cold and gas. At Nuon sustainability, reliability and customer friendliness are main priorities.


For an even better customer service by all Nuon employees BLIS developed the Friends App. Customers want to be helped quickly and efficiently, without being on hold for long times when contacting customer services.

Now Nuon employees use the Friends App to assist people in their vicinity. For example, they can schedule telephone appointments for questions, advice, arranging discounts or the registration of a new customer.

Technology & design

BLIS organized a creative session during which we, together with Nuon, draw up a sketch of the core functionality (MVP) and the general flow of the app. In this stage also the outlines of the screens for the app were invented and therefore after the session they could be further elaborated in a click model. Thanks to a quick and creative cooperation with the customer we were able to design the core of the app in a very short period of time.

Also during the session thought was given to additional ideas such as some form of gamification in the app. Thus the employee can earn credits via the amount of discount, complaint handling and new customers they score.


The Friends App is intended for all Nuon employees who in their private situation get questions about Nuon (products and services). If the Nuon ambassador is having a BBQ with his neighbours or is having a party with friends, he will be able to assist you quickly and easily. For example via the app they can schedule telephone appointments for questions, for problem solving, for advice, the registration of customers for their loyalty program or the registration of a new customer.

Via the Friends App Nuon employees can pay each other compliments in the app and the employee receives feedback after the completion of the registration or the request for contact has been completed by the colleague. Thus the app sees to it that each Nuon employee can help customers or prospects and also that the satisfaction and involvement of the employees increases.

In addition to the Friends App for Nuon we also developed a version for Vattenfall Sweden, the Nuon parent company, and for Vattenfall Germany.

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