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After a couple of years of enthusiastic collaboration BLIS and Nsecure decided to enter into a partnership agreement for a lasting long-term collaboration. BLIS is Nsecure’s partner for software development and digital innovation, and together we work on smart digital solutions for safety & security.

Together we look for new technology and we combine forces to come from product strategy to realization to successful products and services.


Dataclient is the software platform with which customers manage all processes regarding access control. This well-organized platform is linked to the existing access control systems and is mission critical for the companies that use it. Using Dataclient it is always clear who is granted access and under which conditions.

Temporary employees can easily register on the web portal of Dataclient, where they can run through the procedures that otherwise would take place at the gate. Via the portal the necessary documents can be uploaded, such as an ID and a Declaration of Independent Contractor Status and other documents and information that the customer (the provider of access) needs in order to determine if someone may be granted access. Dataclient can also be used for checking if the registered persons have the correct know-how of e.g. safety regulations.

Thus each registration becomes a digital file linked to an access pass, and organizations can easily and quickly verify if (temporary) employees have the correct papers to be granted access.

BLIS is the software developer for this system and provides technical support by means of the management and further development of Dataclient.


GoodWork helps companies that work in large, complex chains to efficiently comply with for example labour legislation, labour migration legislation and legal employment. With this software platform for large customers in a.o. the construction sector, customers make sure they comply with the complex legislation regarding the employment of contractors, employment agencies and self-employed workers without employees. The software platform results in enormous cost-savings and quality improvement for companies that now already endeavour to comply with the complex law and legislation regarding labour legislation, legal employment and fiscal issues.

GoodWork is the result of a unique collaboration between the specialist law firm Maes Staudt Advocaten, Safety & Security expert Nsecure and BLIS. BLIS is involved with GoodWork from the strategy- and concept phase through the development of the prototype, the building and testing of the software and supporting the pilot with customers and suppliers.

Move | Keyless Access

Move is an alternative for the traditional access pass. Using the smart Move software employees gain access to buildings, rooms and objects such as switchboard cabinets or electrical cabinets. The software also takes care of authentication and authorization thus only granting access to a specific location or room to the correct people.

Move can easily be linked to existing key management systems of security companies and can easily be operated using your mobile phone. With Move the time consuming and expensive process of providing personal entrance passes has now become history.

Digital Safety passport for safe work around the railway tracks

ProRail is responsible for the Dutch railway tracks, and therefore also for the safety in those areas where construction work takes place on the tracks. To better safeguard that safety ProRail looked for a digital replacement for the error- and fraud susceptible paper safety passport.

This paper safety passport granted access to the tracks, and saw to it that personnel that was working at the tracks did so demonstrably legally and only when well-qualified.

The DVP – Digital Safety Passport – is a program from the railway branch/railAlert to improve the awareness of safety and thus to improve to the reduction of safety-related incidents. By order of Nsecure we developed the DVP; a combination of a physical pass, a portal and an app. With this project we won the Dutch Interactive Award in 2015.

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