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Feyenoord Rotterdam – the Dutch national soccer champion 2016/17 – is well-known for having the most loyal fans in the Netherlands. The fans follow the club everywhere, both offline and online. In order to support them as optimally as possible, Feyenoord Rotterdam – in a long-term collaboration with BLIS – strives for the maximum online result.

Strategy and execution

In collaboration with content- and concept agency Made in Rotterdam, BLIS provides Feyenoord and Stadion Feijenoord with the online strategy and the full execution of matters related to media, marketing and communication. For example, during the last couple of years websites and apps were launched for Feyenoord, Stadion Feijenoord, Feyenoord Business Club and Junior-club ‘Kameraadjes’. BLIS also designs and develops online and social media campaigns, focussed on fanbase optimization, merchandising, ticketing and service.

Our highest appreciation? In 2014, 2015 and 2016 was chosen as Website of the Year in the category Sports!

Website development

BLIS was responsible for the concept development and realization of several websites for Feyenoord, including The websites are an important part of the ‘fan communication’ and are important tools in Feyenoord’s marketing strategy and ‘fan engagement’.

Websites and website-components developed by BLIS:

  • The official Feyenoord website
  • Feyenoord Matchday (live data and content)
  • De Kuip
  • Feyenoord Foundation

App development

Strategy, concept development, release-management and performance optimization for several Feyenoord apps, focussed on different target groups.

With over 100.000 app-downloads and many active users the fan-app has become one of the most important instruments for communication and interaction.

Apps developed by BLIS:

  • Feyenoord fan app
  • Feyenoord Business
  • ‘Kameraadjes’

Innovations supporters app

In addition to continuous optimizations BLIS has also implemented several innovations for creating an even better user- and fan-experience and  for increasing the conversion. For example:

  • Shirt configurator with fan-shop integration
  • Soundboard for reliving memorable moments
  • Adjustable push messages
  • Matchday Experience
  • Stadion goal tune

Matchday Experience

The Feyenoord matches are the absolute peak moments in media, marketing and communication. BLIS developed the ‘Matchday Experience’, based on which digital channels adapt, dependent on moments either before, during or after matches.

During the matches the website, app and social media are provided with an interactive live-content timeline. Before and after matches attention is paid to line-ups, press conferences, highlights and specific match events.


Strategy, concept and realization of several campaigns in collaboration with several departments and teams inside the Feyenoord organization.

  • Fan engagement
  • Data capturing
  • Loyalty
  • Sales marketing
  • Channel promotie


Execution, monitoring of emailing campaigns.

  • E-mail campaign management
  • Monitoring
  • A/B-testing
  • Segmentatie

Data analytics

Monitoring of websites, campaigns, apps and emailing, KPI reporting and monitoring of user behaviour within the Feyenoord channels.

  • Web- & app analytics
  • User insights
  • In-depth rapportage

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