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Working safely around the railway tracks with the Digital Safety passport

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ProRail is responsible for the Dutch railway tracks, and therefore also for the safety in those areas where construction work takes place on the tracks. To better safeguard that safety ProRail looked for a digital replacement for the error- and fraud susceptible paper safety passport.

This paper safety passport granted access to the tracks, and saw to it that personnel that was working at the tracks did so demonstrably legally and only when well-qualified.

The DVP – Digital Safety Passport – is a program from the railway branch/railAlert to improve the awareness of safety and thus to improve to the reduction of safety-related incidents.

Commissioned by Nsecure we developed the DVP; a combination of a physical pass, a portal and an app. With this project we won the Dutch Interactive Award in 2015.

Digital fence around the railways tracks

Does someone have the required credentials and certificates, and should access be granted to the construction site around the railway track? The Digital Safety Passport makes all this information available at a single glance.

An enthusiastic team of creative experts worked on a safe and user friendly solution that we are proud of: a ‘digital fence’ around the railway track, consisting of a portal, a physical pass and a ScanApp.

One clear overview via portal

Thanks to the portal the employees and foremen now have a clear overview of notifications, employees, violations and reports. In the portal interfaces are made with systems of different companies and institutions for certification.

The combination of these data determines whether or not an employee receives a Digital Safety Passport. When the combination of data has been verified and approved, a pass will be printed automatically and send to the pass-holder. This is an efficient process because of the interface of the portal with the registration system (Dataclient) and the Nsecure system that produces the pass.

In addition the portal offers a wide variety of other options, such as monitoring of the validity of the passes, getting insight in the production process of the passes and checking the number of persons present at the location.

Data control via innovative ScanApp

In addition to the portal we developed the innovative ScanApp. This allows for the scanning of the QR-code on the pass, providing insight in the personal file of the pass-holder.

Via the app the data and the access rights can be checked, attendance and absence recordings can be monitored and violations and compliments can be recorded. The ScanApp is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.



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