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Since 2006 BLIS has been working as an online partner for the Da Vinci College. For this regional education centre for vocational and adult education several development projects and campaigns have been realized.

Across the organization BLIS works together with several departments such as PR, ICT, Education and Training and Advice.


Together with communication agency K|R a concept was developed and realized for the new Da Vinci website. Through interviews with different departments we made an inventory of the wishes and requirements and we created user stories, after which a multiannual strategy was developed.

The Da Vinci College homepage has been subdivided into different components for different target groups (senior secondary vocational education, higher vocational education, adult general secondary education), and each element of the website is optimally focussed on the target group in question. BLIS has also optimized the website for search engines, thus creating a perfect findability for the study programs, courses and trainings of the Da Vinci College.

Web application for Course & Training

For the educational area ‘Cursus & Training’ BLIS developed a web application. Via this web application students – via a link using DigiD – can register online for courses and trainings.

Using the extensive back-end the Da Vinci College can manage the registrations, maintain the planning, communicate with the participants and support the aftersales and service.

Performance management

BLIS has organized the Da Vinci College online performance-dashboard and linked it to several monitoring systems. Based on this dashboard the marketing-KPIs (which have been defined together with the Da Vinci College) are easily traceable.

In addition BLIS and the Da Vince College participate closely in the process of monitoring, reporting and discussion. All this with only one objective: achieve optimal results for the Da Vinci College!

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