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The Alert Online campaign focusses on creating awareness regarding cybersecurity. During two weeks the government, the business community and science join forces in order to create a more conscious and safer online presence of the Dutch internet users.

De case

BLIS & Bubblefish  joined forces together with the ECP foundation for the development of an online campaign platform. In the period towards the actual campaign it is the objective of the platform to enthuse and inspire parties to participate as a partner of the campaign. 

We took a closer look at the customer journey; how do people end up on the platform, what are they looking for and how do we see to it that the Alert Online message is communicated clearly to the visitor?

The platform

The platform offers a continuous overview of all activities initiated by partners during the campaign period.

Also a toolkit with free communication materials is available for partners to be used for their activities during the campaign period.

Test-your-skills quiz

By answering 10 questions the Dutch internet user obtains in a simple and fun way an insight in the status of his or her knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity.

By participating in the quiz the visitor also acquires new techniques for protection against cybercrime and his/her existing knowledge is increased.

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