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In the Innovation department there is a team of motivated people continuously working at inventing, developing and realizing innovative products. As a result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between ABN AMRO Bank, BLIS, Strategiemakers and ABN AMRO Insurances Zjef came to light, a chatbot that will help self-employed workers without employees to hit the ground running when starting their career.

Smart chatbot

Companies can have a large part of the primary interaction with their customers been taken care of by a chatbot which will bring people to the right place quickly and efficiently.

For example, the chatbot that we developed for Facebook Messenger can help our client ABN AMRO to better serve new target groups.

Who is Zjef?

A self-employed worker without personnel has an awful lot to take care of, often he does not always know where to begin. Because of the enormous amount of online information, the starting entrepreneur sometimes cannot distinguish the forest from the trees.

Zjef coaches self-employed workers without employees in a step-by-step manner when setting up their organization. In this process Zjef takes you by the hand when dealing with different topics such as Starting as a self-employed worker without employees, Hourly rates & Income, Administration, VAT, Risks, Customers & Competition, Social media & Networking and Expertise & Personal development.

Coach for self-employed workers without employees

Zjef can also help you with the timely execution of your tasks by sending you reminders for example for your VAT return. Zjef is the coach who guides you simply and in a well-structured way through all steps towards a successful career as an entrepreneur.

Do you need more information? Then Zjef will set up an appointment with a coach who can help you.


In this first phase of the development of Zjef the chatbot offers a wide variety of general information. Based on the input of self-employed workers without employees Zjef will further develop its answers into more tailor-made answers and his responses will be become more personal.

In the future Zjef can be further developed, making him become more intelligent and even more suitable for helping the starting self-employed workers without employees.

Chatbot Zjef is part of an innovation project of ABN AMRO.

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